Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


I just learned that Jeff Goldblum has put out a jazz album. Its Surprisingly good and entertaining.


Only the bravests can keep up with the volume at max until the end.
just hoppin’ it won’t piss off some americans here, 'cause…USSR stuff.






This is like what plays during the credits of a movie where Ragnarok is cancelled but Baldur comes back anyway but becomes the villain and Odin has this really sad character arc or some shit but it ends in like the best way possible but nobody can hear the song because they’re all still crying from a really sad death scene.


A classic.



So i did an east coast hardcore cover of My Favorite Things for a friend and i asked her to cover something for me, and she did a short version of this.

I was moved.


Uhh is your cover recorded? :pray:t3:


Just discovered this and I’ve already listened to it twice in the last 10 minutes. This is damn good.

It’s like America folk music went metal.


Would have appreciated it more if there was a vocal harmony, but you’re right. It’s good.


I’ve been on the hunt lately for instrumental work so I was excited when this popped up. Been listening to a lot of acoustic stuff for inspiration to keep me practicing my guitar.


I don’t have it anymore, but I’m trying to get some musically inclined friends together to do a legit cover with a band.

Edit: will upload if it happens


Yas! Looking forward to it!


that was dope. not fast, but this is by far the heaviest thing I’ve ever heard on acoustic


Just started listening so I’m like a minute in but I can already tell he is using some alternate down tuning than what is standard for sure. Sounds very interesting for sure. Gonna keep listening before I give my final verdict.

Edit: enjoying it so far. very interesting.


King Buzzo is the lead singer for a couple cool bands. Big Business and the Melvins. Found his solo stuff awhile back and was surprised at how he manages to make the acoustic guitar have such weight.