Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?






This is f#cking awesome



This is a very funky fuzzy tune. I’m really digging the guitar.


Nice new avatar!


Lol they made a Kpop MV that’s apparently popular on r/kpop


This takes me back to Afghanistan
Radio station there sounded lot like this
Subtract the sick bass line


There is something psychotic about spray paint lady.


She’s a ninja assassin in league of legends so yeah also the pink lady is kinda psycho too lol.


Which one is pink? You mean the one with fox ears?


Naw I mean the one that drives that car and has the pink glasses. The one that ends up in the subway car with the Akali aka ninja lady while she raps.


Oh okay. Gotcha. None felt overtly pink enough to call it.

To keep this on topic. This is basically music.




I like the Red Dead Soundtack. Really reminds me of the old west.



I’m not sure if I’ve posted any of this before, but now the semester is over, and I have the time to share with y’all what I’ve been listening to for the past few months.

Love this next one

love these russians

the video for this next one is wild, but unfortunately isn’t quite forum appropriate, really aesthetic though.

this next one also has a super aesthetic video, but it’s a bit too risque for the forums.

russians, back at it

More to come soon. got 30 or so songs saved up.