Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


I really genuinely like the chipmunks album. I remember listening to it A LOT right around when gorgon/arena mode launched for evolve. Perfect.


also, hepply henloween

this is her masterpiece though.


again i know, but I love carpenter OSTs. haven’t even seen the movie, but I’m still listening.


It’s really good!

Edit: the ost, I haven’t seen the movie.


If you want a really tense/thrilling experience, next time you are driving alone, just throw on an OST. Makes everything feel very cinematic and tense. especially at night. This one just entered my top driving OSTs

In no particular order:
Under the Skin
The Girl With all the Gifts
The Thing


This has been stuck in my head for days.



This song… oh looooord it’s so good

If only I could play two saxophones at once, then I’d only need a drummer :thinking:




I really dig the second one.


Lindsey Sterling and Andrew McMahon are like a match made in heaven. I hope they do something again in the future.


Nearly 8 minutes of instrumental metal bliss. Some serious bass grooves in this song. This one is a journey to listen through. Highly recommend listening too.

My face melted about the 2:45 mark. Holy shit.


I LOVE RUSSIAN CIRCLES! Listened to them in highschool


Same here! Long time fan, I remember finding them on MySpace. I was like the 300th fan of the page. Lol

Listened to them all the time back in the day but it’s been a few years and I kinda forgot about them. Haven’t heard Guidance before. Just listened to the whole album. I’m so glad to see they are still going.

Gonna have to buy this album and the others I missed as well.



New song just dropped today