Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


Not actual Russians, but close enough

As for aggressive music, a classic is always Arch Enemy. I mean, this is still one of the sickest openings I’ve heard in any metal song so far:


One of my favs has always been Dimmu Borgir. Norwegian Metal.


Emu Burger!


Metalocalypse, Dimmu Burger!! :smiley:


I’ll look around but if you’ve seen this video you’ll know everything about it is metal as f#*k… but just not the genre xD


This is pretty metal, at least it pumps me up.


I used to listen to Rammstein a lot. I’ve still got a hard spot in my heart for them, but I’ve moved on to heavier industrial these days.


Heavier you say? I don’t think I honestly go much heavier. It starts to get out of my normal comfort zone.

Otep pushes it for me. I have to listen to them sparingly or I get weird. Plays with my psyche.


@CptBoomBoom I used to feel the same way. I literally only use it for the gym. I had stopped listening to heavy music almost all together until I started going to the gym. I don’t know why, it’s like a healthy outlet. Before that, it just started to make me feel nasty.


If I listen to Otep long enough (due to lyrics and meaning) I’m pretty sure I would become a terrorist.

First song is just too much for me.

Listening to the second. I like the start.

I think my biggest like or dislike when it comes to heavier music is the distortion. Too much distortion kills it for me. The second song still has mostly clear instruments that I can pick up on so it’s good



3 teeth is industrial, they used to not be as heavy apparently, you might like some of their earlier stuff, Unless i’m confused. Nails is just nasty though. Some of the most aggressive music I’ve ever heard.


I’ll post some of my easier listening here soon.


Some of my all time favorites as far as easy listening goes.

I can listen to these three on loop all day.





  1. Taikatalvi [00:15]
  2. Storytime [02:50]
  3. Ghost River [08:12]
    #04. Slow, Love, Slow [13:41]
  4. I Want My Tears Back [19:31]
  5. Scaretale [24:39]
  6. Arabesque (Intrumental) [32:11]
    #08. Turn Loose the Mermaids [35:08]
  7. Rest Calm [39:28]
  8. The Crow, the Owl and the Dove [46:31]
  9. Last Ride of the Day [50:41]
  10. Song Of Myself (1- From A Dusty Bookshelf) (2- All That Great Heart Lying Still) (3-Piano Black) (4- Love) [55:14]
  11. Imaginaerum (Instrumental) [1:08:51]



Track 8 is my personal favorite. All are great though. The instrumentals are equally good on their own.