Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?




Another time for music spamming (sorry) but I’m really liking Code: Pandorum’s new music (and some others), haven’t heard some proper ‘heavy’ songs that I’ve liked for ages




Can’t go wrong with a bit of Kyle either




this is the best thread ever created… its…


fucked my elbow up to this song at the gym today. Pretty worth


Is anyone else surprised at the music Hillbilly works out to?
It’s an assault to the ears and terrifying to the psyche.
Not surprised? Didn’t think so…



I enjoyed it. Seemed like a Russian Otep.


for some reason, psychic torment is the only thing that motivates me to exercise.


this is definitely not for the gym


Taylor Swift does it for me. Lol


One could argue that taylor swift is a from of psychic torment.


Haha. I don’t want to listen to it any other time. But when T-Swift comes on at the gym I got to work harder.


I was hoping it would be a Russian death metal band but this works too I guess


If you know any, post em. Russians go hard, period. In anything they do. Truly odd acts comin outta Russia, like Moscow Death Brigade, i think it’s called. I’m always on the hunt for aggressive music. Hardcore, punk, Death Metal, Industrial, HipHop, Rap…anything angry or heavy. Audiobooks, podcasts, and aggressive music are the only things I can listen to at the gym. If you have any recommendations, I’d appreciate them