Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?



To be honest, rap is not my kind of music AT ALL, but ironically, this one got my attention.

Damn you Asphalt 9, you made me like a rap song!


This is my favorite rap

Edit: sounds best with some good bass.


Nah, not my kind…
I prefer the rock n’ roll, the metal, the soft rock, the classic, sometimes the electro (only if there isn’t a single sentence or word for the whole song). “I’ve got to get it” is the kind of electro that I like, because it’s varied and it’s well worked.


I don’t like rap, I just like gnarls Barkley


Well, seems like you found a rap you like, just like me with Papa Roach (but I don’t follow any music group).


I transform. I’m a transformer.


This is a sample of my tastes (if you would actually listen)

Last but not least (unless you made it this far, but I bet you didn’t listen to all of them) one of my all time favorites

The last one is very lyrically powerful I think.


I’ve kinda got into rap a bit more for some reason so here’s some stuff that isn’t my usual dubstep/trap stuff


Been into darker, ominous, and fast-paced music lately. While angry people music (Metal) is my preferred genre I can appreciate some of this stuff.




A lot of yelling, but I like it.


Our definitions of “a lot of yelling” are vastly different. :upside_down_face:


Meh, I meaned that he sung hard.


So did I. :wink:


If you want.



That, indeed, is yelling, A LOT.
You know what that reminds me of? The guy that sings in Psychosocial, a music that someone had already posted months ago in this thread.

There’s this one as well who’s pretty popular, I discovered it in a video called “Extreme toothbrushing” from Brandon Hardesty. Seems dumb, but even the dumbest things can make you discover things.



regarding the screaming

Best intro to any metal song I’ve heard so far.