Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?




Starts with the ‘heavy’ stuff



RIP Vinnie!
One of their greatest songs here. One of the best songs ever really.


Rocksmith just released their new dlc!!!
Finally some Joan Jett!!!




The list itself is not from the original game, but it’s from what people call it the best mod for Isaac: Antibirth.
Great respect to Mudeth!


I’m really liking these songs with a female metal vocalist doing mixed cleans and growls, gives a very unique dynamic :thinking:


The music is nice but I’m not a fan of the game.


Maybe because you didn’t play Enter the Gungeon a lot I guess, or maybe because of the game’s theme, I don’t know.


As Markimoo would say I do enjoy a good shmups but I’d prefer Gungeon over Issac yes due to theme.


I can understand you don’t like the theme of Isaac, it’s quite gore for a game but it’s also the most popular rogue-like game as of now.
I played Enter the Gungeon for much longer and I have almost every item (I didn’t finish the hunts of Frifle and the Grey Mauser). EtG is harder in a way that you can’t abuse of the loot (like using Jera with a blank Card or buying everything in the shop with a double Steam Sales) and it’s easier in a way where the controls and the items are simpler to handle.


i listen to a lot of progressive trance ~ the feeling of fast yet slow, emotional yet explosive or high focused. these songs have a similar protruding feeling. slow yet bursting with emotions. I know its a long list, I like em all. Likely you will too. Listen to it in order if you can


This dude, Leo P, is still one of my biggest idols when it comes to playing the saxophone


Because I currently play The Crew 2 and the song is from the trailer.

But this one is the actual theme of The Crew 2, and it’s kinda the same type of music.

I like both of them.



A like 4 the first 1 :kissing_heart:


they are fucking great. still like watching videos of their subway performances.

If you like Too Many Zoos, you might like moon hooch.

if you like extreme weirdness with some sax, maaaaybe Clowncore.