Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


Yeah yeah, those are from the event’s main menu.

Off topic: My BMW is currently at 1/3/1/1 3/3/2/2 and I have 11 400 fans at the moment (I spent them all on the elite box).


Off-Topic: Good! Keep spending everything you farm on Elite boxes, that’s the best way to get the car. I’d recommend tuning your M2 SE to at least 1300’s though, because this thing gets absolutely destroyed by the Audi R8 e-tron Special Edition at lower ranks. My M2 SE is at 1582, with 5505 5555. Great for TLE’s, and gets good matchmaking when you risk points in MP.


I already have it, goes to 455 km/h with a rank of 11xx, anyway I forgot the exact number and I am dumb.


Rank 1111, Tuning 0500 5050 :stuck_out_tongue:





He looked for gold in all the wrong places…when it was inside him all along:



Been binging Melanie Martinez recently since I remembered her songs so uh, here’s some