Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?



I’m really likin’ this song rn :ok_hand:


Her voice is so lovely… I really like it ; w ;






was just listening to the second one last night. Interesting.



Love this song, strikes true, hits hard. Gets me every time


I prefer to share the music with the trailer of Trackmania because it fits a bit better in this video than the original music, I mean that some parts of the track are moved and some removed so it doesn’t make your ears bleed with the 5 seconds of static sound. Also, in the game, you still have the music except that it changes depending of if you took a checkpoint, if you’re driving fast enough or if you’re jumping.

The original music is “Rainbow Man”


Marina and the Diamonds has always been my favorite music artist, and I just noticed that she’s using her social media to talk about solitude, being an introvert, social anxiety and social awkwardness, topics that really connect with me. Plus, she said that she loves Sia! I can’t stop loving her and hope she releases her new music soon. :musical_note: :heart:




I just finished watching Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. My first ““anime”” if you want to call it that. I fell in love with the soundtrack.


Someone on the chat of TLS:DZ posted this metal song, and I was surprised to REMEMBER that song because it was from Need for Speed Underground.

Good old memories from when I had a Gamecube.



Hmm…are you not offended that they are taking your hoofed kinsmen and utilizing their bones in their music?


Hey, I eat steak, nothing is blasphemous here :smiley: