Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


It’s the theme for the final boss of Mother Russia Bleeds, “Fixions” is the autor and he did one of those awesome musics. If you don’t want to be spoiled (if you haven’t finished the game yet if you have it) don’t click, or if you don’t care you can listen.
Personally, I love it. But because it’s made to do a loop, it stops suddenly. There’s an option on Youtube that allows you to repeat the video automatically. Just right click the video and chose the option (if you want).





This entire soundtrack is probably my favorite of any video game.
Although super meat boy is also my favorite. And risk of rain. And ori and the blind forest.

This is a remix btw


@Kai you like nightcore, ya?



Bonus, not music though.






My music taste is all over the place.



AS It should be! :slight_smile:


I love Marina and The Diamonds so much!



I actually really like Lorde. :slight_smile:


Video for this next one is hilarious and bizarre. Saw it years and years ago, but I gradually started to really love the song.

couple of full albums


Now… That is a playlist