Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?



sunday is a good day to be russian
chugs vodka



Not typically a fan of this kind of thing, but was impressed at least by this. Really good for the time. They remade it apparently.

I’m somewhat less into this version for whatever reason. I guess electric guitar isn’t as impressive to me. My younger metal head self would execute me for saying that, but I can’t help my taste changing.


Musical tastes are weird because I enjoy the remake far more. lol


I mean it’s objectively better. It’s made with real instruments. I’m just not thrilled by it. The OG impressed me because of it’s limitations. It’s a sega game soundtrack.


I just personally aren’t a fan of bit music unless it’s in game.


I feel the same way, I typically don’t like it at all. This song I like for whatever reason.



probably already posted this at one point, but oh well




That Bass tho!!



Never been much of a fan of her music, but this is absolutely captivating.





Damn that’s probably the coolest guitar I’ve ever seen


Imagine what the neighbors heard…