Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


There are penises in this


post up some of your favs!


Some of my personal favorites.

So many others as well. More than I can list.





One of the coolest original sounding songs in my repeating list of routine listenings.






All the ghosts!


First one is calming as all hell.


Every time I watch an Arch Enemy video I just wonder if she does her own clothing choices. They always look really cool and freaking metal.

not a fan of her new tattoo though.


Alissa is a beautiful woman and an amazing vocalist, however, some of her choices I am indeed not a real fan of. The tattoo being one of them, her overt animal activism being another.


Shes not with Peta is she?


Not that I know of, but browse her IG (only platform I follow her, besides Facebook obviously), and there’s plenty of pro-animal posts. Nothing wrong with that (nature is being fucked by humans ATM), but she can be a bit more serious on the matter than others.

From time to time, she posts a picture of an animal, pasting almost an entire wikipedia article about that animal AND a wikipedia article worth of how they are endangered, and how we can safe them.

Oh, and IIRC she tags most her posts with shit like #vegan and #veganisbest and similar crap. Again, got nothing against vegans, but I do have a problem with people flaunting it that way.


Ah I see. I myself am pretty pro nature and I want to do my part like the rest of us to save the world but some people take it to the extreme.


Indeed. Like said, nature is going to be fucked if we keep going like this, but yeah, she is almost ‘religious zealot’ level at times.

Oh well, doesn’t change my opinion on their music :grin: