Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


Sometimes…it’s just like that.






I like how it’s the brother and sister from Kekkai Sensen >~<


I’d like to have this kind of theme for the menu of my Unity project I’m imaginating. It’s from Bulletstorm, but I wouldn’t like to have a menu with the exact same music or else it would be ilogic.






don’t ask


Love Nightwish. Not a fan of the new album though.


whats the name of the new album?. Imaginarium is the cd above.


I have imaginarium.

The new one is “endless forms most beautiful.”


THank you! I actually am still listening to imaginarium atm… will check out the new one thanks! when was it released?


2016 I think. Its a new singer. Annette quit and they have a lady named Floor Jensen. She is a great singer but the composition of the songs and everything just felt off to me.

Is this your first Nightwish album?


I came into nightwish before imaginarium, but imaginarium was the first one that i bought. (I started listening after the first lead singer switch.)


Tarja was a great singer but I prefer the songs after she left. Annette was a good fit. Dark Passion Play is still my favorite album.