Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?



The first song is more of a jarring soundscape, it doesn’t reflect the rest of the album.

EDIT: I’m trying my darndest to find a track by The Screaming Females to post, but they all kind of just escape my taste. Like the singer has a really interesting style because she this powerful voice with exaggerated vibrato, and I really want to like them, but I just can’t find that one song of there’s I really enjoy.

I also recommend folks check out GWAR. Been listening to them a lot. A lot of their stuff is too foul to post, but it’s all self aware and in poor taste(there’s no other way with GWAR baybeee). I’ve been listening to Have You Seen Me and Sick Of You lately.


@Hillbilly_Deathlord What do you feel about Say Anything?

You have such a broad array of styles you listen too surely you have heard them. I’m apparently the only person in the world who likes them and it saddens me. They change style and genre with every album all while still being sort of punk.


One of the most spiritual music I’ve ever heard.


Been listening to this for a while >.<
I wonder if anyone knows which anime I heard it from >~<


will reply soon, sorry m80. I woke up sick as a dog this morning.



You will be killed by best waifu if you don’t recognise this


The original version of this song is significantly better.


The opening in the anime is the nightcore version, so I posted this.


I haven’t watched it Re:Zero yet -3-

I’ve been meaning to but I keep getting side tracked ^^;


So I listened to the album and have kind of formed an opinion. I like them, but not a ton. They defy genre which is cool, I really like bands that don’t feel the need to stick to one sound. That being the case, It really comes down to each individual song for me. I liked this album for the most part, and was never really irritated by the songs, though I do feel some of the longer ones tend towards repetition. The punk/pop punk influence is apparent throughout the album however

This is another band where I like what they do, but I wasn’t totally wowed by any particular song. I’d have to listen to them more to form a stronger opinion.


It’s a start and I’ll take it. :smiley:

Hebrews is another great album, the ones before it are all good but are more traditional pop punk I would say.

With that said I consider “Is a Real Boy” to be a masterpiece of an album.


@SledgePainter @LadieAuPair


Cannot recommend the Gwar cover of this song enough. Really enjoy the original as well. All the A.V. Club GWAR covers are hilarious.

You might recognize this one. Beck did a song years later that is very reminiscent of this track. I prefer this one.

I love The Melvins and Big Business, though I slightly favor The Melvins. Both great bands with King Buzzo.

Breakdown is early east coast hardcore. east coast Hardcore is typically much more aggressive than it’s west coast counterpart, though both are commonly associated with the straight edge movement these days.

and this…well this is just incredible. Hunt for the Wilderpeople really nailed the use of this one.