Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


Maybe because it was? I don’t know. Is very good song.





Couple songs I liked a few years back. Some just not really my taste generally at all(La Dispute), but the context in which I listened to them gave them some serious longevity in my playlist. Listening to them now, I can’t say I get as much out of them as I once did, but maybe somebody else will enjoy them.
really more interested on the story being told in this track than the song it’s self. pretty dope, if sad.

Some old psych Khmer music. Definitely takes some getting used to, but it’s pretty unique, and making a bit of a comeback. Kinda broke my worldview that early rock and psych stuff was a purely western thing. Pretty sure Ros didn’t survive the Khmer Rouge purges. RIP. There are more artists in this genre that I really enjoy, but can’t recall right now.

Still really like the Gorillaz, but their a bit of a sad nostalgia trip for me. One of their more chill tracks.

Went through a bit of a hardcore phase. I typically enjoyed more of the “beatdown” style stuff, but this is a much less aggressive track.

A bit of doom

If you know any assholes named Rudy, send them this video of people awkwardly dancing to a song written for them.

More to come when I have the time to dig, and to avoid an even more colossal post.






The last dubstep song that Omar Varela has made called “Last One”, gonna miss him as he was one of the best artists for many years





This is actually a really good cover.



A storm is on it’s way down ere





I think I’ve been bitten by the love bug.