Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?






I find the dancing way too funny and i kinda get this song stuck in my head





cool music video. Music is just okay I guess.



Turbo Killer is just OK? This is Carpenter Brut! Master of Synthwave. I can understand you not liking it, but this is some really good music for the genre.

Edit: Listen to this:



Don’t get me wrong, I really like retro/synth wave, I just found that particular song to be just okay. I’m not denying it’s quality either, it’s just not for me. The production speaks for it’s self.

Miami Nights 1984, Lazerhawk, and Power Glove are more my speed I guess. That being said, I’ll dig more into Carpenter Brut and see what’s to offer.


He’s one of my favorites when it comes to electronic music. I feel he replicates that 70s/80s retro asthetic perfectly.


Bruh! Just found these guys and I love it!


It’s a good day when I finally get to hear glorious new music.


check out the other artists I listed if you like that style homie!



Already had Miami Nights, but I did snag Power Glove!


This sounds like it belongs in a movie scene with some over the top bad guys getting slayed in a vampire nightclub.