Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?




I listen to this stuff while playing Dark Souls a lot and it just fucks my world up.

gotta sit down and listen to RTJ3 soon.


So I have this thing with this singer Aurora, where I really like her singing, but I don’t really like most of her music. I guess it’s just the style she chooses that puts me off, not her actual singing.

I don’t really care for this song at all, but any chance I had of liking it was strangled in it’s crib by some rogue commenter.

So in the song she is saying "give me some lovin, hold me, but this commenter pointed out that it just sounds like she’s saying (WARNING. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNHEAR THIS)

Gimme some lovin homie

I can’t help but hear this every time, it’s unbearable for some reason. To this day I hear that phrase in my dreams. It often wakes me up in the night, threatening the masculinity of every cholo in the vicinity.


That trampoline song sounds like the theme for Evangelion.


huh, I never thought about it, but I suppose there is a similarity.






I have always loved this song and lyric video :heart:




Sia never disappoints. :heart:





(since @Buckets_Sentry_Gun’s link doesn’t work for me.)


Best song from the new album imo.