Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?



Now this is a good song! I love it.





This confirms my theory that only Freddie Mercury can do this song justice.


I dunno. Yeah, I prefer the original too, but this one isn’t too bad



Not sure what music service you all have, but if you want some truly awesome background music (or D&D campaign music!) check out Revolt Production Music.

It’s pretty high quality stuff with themes all across the board.

For those like me who love 80’s music (Horror/action), Check out Lazerhawk. Phenomenal stuff.



Sooner or later, it will find you.

As soon as you land on Sevastopol, you live on borrowed time.


Single coming from the new album available on march 31st. Loving the feeling of crack the skye and once more 'round the sun




I’m pleasantly surprised you remembered I like Mastodon. I dig this track. I look forward to listening to the album when It comes out. I haven’t quite enjoyed them as much as I did during Crack the Skye. This is promising. I also didn’t realize they had released a single!

To thank you, here is Brent Hinds performing his classic summoning ritual.

P.S. plus these


So apparently Casey Grillo and Sean Tibbets of Kamelot have a side project called Sault.

No music from them yet, but I’m excited.


Also some new Andrew McMahon. Seems he is going for a more modern style with a bit more of an electronic feel this time around. That sweet sweet piano is still golden though.


My current video-game soundtrack is now crypt of the necrodancer. Which also happens to be my new favorite game. :stuck_out_tongue:

favorite track:



Castle on the hill. I love this song. It’s like drugs to me.