Music, Music and Music; What're you listening to?


It seems like the problem with the other thread is the amount of posts it has, so this one will start from zero.

Let’s share music now! :blush:

Regular Kingdom

TwentyOne Pilots is literally my life. That is all.


Mostly old Linkin Park albums, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach & Red.
Also some pop songs if they happen to have a catchy sound.
Do OSTs from Games & Movies count? xD


I, XMetrusX, have an unhealthy obsession with the kpop group, Red Velvet.
LOOK AT JOY’S FACE! :heart_eyes:



I mainly listen to either fan-made songs or fan-videos put to song.
However, my favorite can only be the classic: Archangel from Two Steps From Hell.


I just got the 10th anniversary edition of Everything in Transit. Fantastic album by the way.


This… Is really good. .-.


Everything Glitch Mob



In This Moment

Bring Me The Horizon

Slipknot/Stone Sour - Cory Taylor is my favorite vocalist.

And anything metal really.


Look up Dapper Dog on YouTube or soundcloud

He makes amazing and catchy songs, he definitely deserves more attention


I actually have that playing in the background right now as I read this.

I really like Two Steps From Hell, to the point where it’s the only music I have on my phone.


There is nothing like TSFH is there?


You should look at the Jpop group Ikimono-Gakari. They do some really good stuff.



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Undertale - Megalovania

Great soundtrack overall, but this is by far the best of it IMO.





The whole soundtrack of Starwars is amazing.