Multiplying Hunters (Abuseable)


Hi there!

Ive heard about this bug from my friends and I also saw it reported on Kotaku so my friends and I went into a custom game to see if we could recreate it and well, we did

(Pic 1)

(Pic 2)

We had our fun with it in custom games but we would like to bring this to light because:

  1. It is gamebreaking

Pic 3

and 2. It is abuseable

Abuseable because a player can somewhat control the amount of multiplied hunters in the game. We discovered the abuse thanks to my crappy internet which disconnects me from a game every 2~3 minutes.

Anyway, in order to abuse it you need to do the following:

  1. Chose a hunter (Might HAVE to be Markov; we havent tested this)
  2. Have at least 2 bots
  3. Get disconnected from the game (I did this by manually turning off my WiFi connection)
  4. Rejoin game via SHIFT+TAB -> Right-Click on a Friend -> Join Game
  5. Chose a bot that IS NOT your original Hunter
  6. Immediately switch to your starting hunter via hotkeys

Within 30~60 seconds - if not immediately - whatever bot you chose before you switched back to your original hunter should have multiplied.

We havent tested this bug in an actual online game but we do plan to so that we can back our “gamebreaking” claim even further. Also we do not have video evidence currently, but since this is recreatable we can provide it if needed.

Thanks for your time people!

Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)

Simple fix, add a new monsters in there too. Problem solved. :smirk:



Real talk :joy:


I’m actually genuinely curious now to see if it’s possible to duplicate a monster :astonished: .


This does seem like something the devs should hear about @MacMan @SlabOMeat @MrStrategio

Also, this seems like the perfect way to have a hopscotch competition with val/hank


It is apparently I saw a thread on it as I was researching this here on this forum rcsrex


Found it Two Monsters


Wow. Kinda want to try it now with my mates, haha.


… The amount of Val’s in one game… :heart_eyes:


Lets bump this up


If they are aware of it - lets NOT bump it up (Im aware thats what Im doing) - Let this thread and hteo ther thread die and dissapear so the masses do NOT become aware.

If hte devs are aware they will aim to fix it ASAP, by advertising it, it won’t change the requirement to fix this but will make more and more people do it.


We’re aware of this bug and are working on a solution. Thanks for reporting it.