Multiple players selecting the same class of hunter before searching for game


I searched the forums and couldn’t find anything on this so I figured I would make a post and inquire. When you are playing with a pre arranged group of 4 players intending to play as the hunters in multiplayer, and more than one person selects the same class as their desired play style ( for example 3 of your group members select assault as their desired role ) does it let you search for a match? And if so does it just randomly select one of the 3 players to play as assault or does each player have to of selected a different class as their “number 1” role choice to search for a match. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


yes it lets you search and gives random classes to players. those who did not get their favorite roll will get a point toward getting it with priority in the next match.
the one with the most points, gets his choice.


Yeah you can go into a match like that.

It doesn’t so much ‘randomly’ give people the class. There’s a sort of point system. If player 1 was assault last game and player 1 and 2 both choose assault, player 2 will likely get assault.


You can also swap classes with someone if you don’t like the class you were given.
Pressing back will show you what classes are taken and which ones are available. So if you and a buddy want to swap, both of you press back and select the available class you want to play.


Also, in this scenario, the player who didn’t pick assault should always get their first pick seeing as their preference doesn’t interfere with the preferences of others


Thanks a lot guys your information is greatly appreciated.