Multiple Options for Ability Casting


After playing Battleborn for the last two days, I’ve come to love the option to have my abilities be casted from different button combinations. Be it a simple tap, hold and release, or double tap, I find it essential to have these options. Certain characters work better with different ways to cast abilities, so why not add it to Evolve?


Can you share an example?


Yes please do this sounds very interesting.


@TheMountainThatRoars and @Azmi_Anuar I’m currently live here if you’d like to see an example.


I meant with regard to Evolve.


I know, but this game is the best way for me to give a representation visually.


An example where this would be pretty sweet is with Goliath and rock throw. Single click it works as like now and is up over his right shoulder. Double tap and he will pick it up over his left shoulder. Something like that would definitely have it’s uses


Or being able to hold Aftershock without actually casting it.


Like an Animation cancel?

Oy it happens in Dark Souls 2 and it irritates quite a few people.

To have this happen in Evolve would mean an even angrier playerbase probably.

Now to do an animation slightly differently like the Rock Throw over the left shoulder would be fine but a lot of Monster animations are fairly done via the middle of the beast.


Yeah I think once you commit to an ability you should have to use it. IF you were to include an ability cancel then you should be forced to use that and have it on cool down without the ability going off.


There’s no way to cancel an ability, that’s not what this would allow. It would only allow you to cast your abilities differently.


So do you mean hold the button down indefinitely and be in the animation, then when you release it cast the ability?


You wouldn’t be in the animation, simply have a reticle representing where the ability would land. This would exclude abilities like Lava Bomb and Rock Throw.