Multiple Monsters, Multiple Hunters


So one monster 4 hunters. What about 2 monsters and 8 hunters? Bigger Maps…you get the point.


It’s not going to happen so please stop making new topics on it.


Never say never? Did I just go there…I did


Devs had said never. So yes, we can say never.


Well @macman said it couldn’t happen so I’m inclined to believe him.


Had to ask…


don’t listen to them, hank. it’s an awesome idea! after all, it would be just like playing the ending cinematic you see following a completed evacuation!


First, my english is not good because it isn’t my first language.
To make this mode, they would have to increase wildlife and increase the size of maps.
It would also require tons of balancing to make it fair, just imagine parnell and markov attacking a goliath, with hank using orbital strike and cabot using his rail gun, the monster would be dead as soon as he’s found.



Would it be possible to do a 2 VS 4 in a mode that allow it to be balanced?
If 2 vs 8 is too much, maybe 2 VS 4 would work.


Not easily. Our lobbies, matchmaking system, spectator mode - everything is designed for 4v1.


Besides you guys need to hold some stuff back for Evolve 2: Revenge of the Hunters.


That would be a whole new game
Would probably be a disaster


Im not opposing you or anything but how come they can’t make one?


They can’t make it because all of the netcode is designed around 4v1. Even adding one more character would require a lot of the lobbies code and UI to be completely rewritten, not to mention the performance issues that would start cropping up with more hunters throwing stuff around.


the problem is that the inferiour platforms can´t handle it…


Exactly! That was just a tease…


Evolve 2…just a mass of monsters and hunters. They need to hop to it. I’ll deal With 4v1…but I want 10v40…(exaggerated) der.


Uhhh wut??


I mean it’s not a new idea…maybe to evolve…


uhh… xbone and ps4 cant handle that much texture… they are to weak even for splitscreen… so. yeah. wut