Multiple Monster Bugs I've noticed


1.Invisible walls
As gorgon,Wraith and Goliath there are time during games when I will use my traversal skill and it’ll knock me right into an invisible wall,or lock me into the floor. It makes escapes and movement really annoying.
2.Freezing animations:
My fps is a constant 40,my ping ranges from 50-95 at any given point, but there are times during fights when I will melee attack and it’ll stop the attack. Like I’ll see the swing but it’ll stop midway and keep me from fighting for about half a second.
3.Auto lose
This may have been a hunter hacking but,I was winning a fight and it suddenly said hunters win. The reason was because it said a left but I was still in the game and saw the score screen and even got my keys.
4.Cant do anything
This happens mostly when I played Overpowered but it’s been happening more now. I will try to eat and it’ll basically stop me from doing anything except typing.
Alot of these bugs happen when I play gorgon but the other monsters are included on here. If it’s just my game please tell me,but if it is actually bugs please fix…thank you


Never experienced something like that

Some rare ocasions when my pc lagged under 20 FPS, the monster got stuck in one position (rock throw) but still playing freely (i was a hunter). When i lost sight of him it came back to normal though…

Could be a hack, but could it be a little spike of your connection? How frequent is it?

How you can’t do anything, your monster just get frozen in the place for ever? Isn’t your keyboard with some problem in some key causing a conflict in the game? Once i got my notebook stuck in a black screen with a constant BIP in the BIOS screen, my damn “” key got stuck and i didn’t know lol :rage:

I’d try to reinstall the game just in case and update my video card driver.


1.happens with gorgon alot but less with other monsters. happens during fights,and only happens when I melee attack
3.happened for the first time yesterday,probably was a hack
4.yeah on rare occasions mostly after the first dome the monster will act like it gave up and stand there. I alt+tab and go on the Internet to see if it’s the keyboard and it’s not