Multiple Game Breaking bugs encountered

I’ve been very happy with Evolve since it’s launch, your QA team has done a good job at finding bugs and your engineers fixing a majority of game breaking bugs, however. Since patch 5.0 I have encountered a series of extremely infuriating and game breaking bugs.

Trapped in Invisible walls

Distillery on PC Wraith Lvl 3, I had just beaten four of the five Hunters/Daisy and as I left the area I was stuck I couldn’t move. When I finally got out of the “box” I found the hunters but any time I went for them it was like Jack was holding me back (this game had a Maggie) I finally fell through the map until I was inevitably killed by. (I felt I was lag switched I have a wired 130 mbps connection)

No Abilities After Lvl 3,

This was again with the Wraith on Broken Hill Foundry ( I posted in the thread with that bug but failed to mention it was on PC) I lost all my abilites and therefore lost afterwards

Crash on Evolution

During my placement I evolved as Kraken to Lvl 2 on Orbital Drill and crashed which cost me a win

All three of these cost me a game I would have won, so I’m a little upset when I’ve been playing with little to no bugs (graphic bugs are still everywhere, but aren’t a problem really) and now I’ve lost rank and nerve with these issues

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Changed the topic from forum bugs to just bugs. Hope you don’t mind :smile: