Multiple feedbacks on some things



Here’s a few things i’ve noticed the past few days that i think should be adressed.

Regegade Abe:
I understand that his whole deal is post dome damage, but my main issue with him is that any hunter that has a general sense of aim and positioning will have no problem dishing out damage while holding up the DoT combo’s (the grenade, damage amp and poison from shotgun). I like how he plays a lot, but in his current state, he seems to be strong enough to deal about 2-3 bars post dome if done correctly, and not to mention there are plenty of trappers that halt the monster post dome (griffins and maggies mostly).

Griffin/Egriffin vs Behemoth:
This is something I noticed very recently since barely anyone plays behemoth. The harpoon is a death sentence to this monster i kid you not, behemoth’s traversal is made in a way that once he is harpooned he cannot get away, because the traversal requires build-up time. I have in generally a good catch on how to stay on the monster with harpoons post dome, but behemoth was just silly and effortless. I think that once behemoth is fixed griffins might become a toxic problem for him. I am telling this btw from an Egriffin perspective, who has less harpoon range, so go figure.

the map “overpowered”:
this map feels insanely hunter sided. I have lost only 1 game in this map so far, and even then the monster was fighting/chasing for his life, as the hunters that pick full blue perks will just get away with no problems (it’s fun to do, but i dont think the monsters enjoy it). I think a way to solve this would be having elite wildlife spawn a bit later, and let the monster get his perks without having to eat the entire animal, otherwise hunters on the chase will just pick up the perks the monster left behind.


  • Renegabe’s damage is crazy
  • Griffin/Egriffin obliderates behemoth
  • The map “overpowered” should be renamed to “hunters win”



I do not think your opinion is strong with 1 game played
I myself never lost in overpowered map as monster,just stack dmg perks

Renegabe’s damage is quite balanced,it is comparable to markov or parnell,but still lower than torvald’s

yes harpoons are pretty good vs behemoth,just like kraken is pretty good vs lennox or markov’s mines
if you time your spells properly[wall=>ball]
then this issue disappears.


1 game lost not 1 game played.

Regarding harpoons i have no problems with counterpicks but when the outcome is decided on 1 single pick (the harpoon vs Bob) it’s kind of unfair.