Multiple class abilities? (Support)


So I thought I would be cool if supports could choose multiple class abilities to support their team in different ways and you pick one before the match for example you can pick between:

Shield bursts

Fuel bursts

Matrix bursts

And cloak

I think only supports should have this cause having medic with 3 different kinds of heal burst would be AIDS , I think it’s cool so that you have different ways to support your team and the monster doesn’t know what to expect at first and will add more strategy to the game


Not cool, bro.


I swear everytime I make a post people ******* talk more about my spelling and grammar than the actual topic


They already kinda do. We have heal aura burst, self heal burst with health regen and regular heal burst.


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It’s not your spelling or grammar, we try to keep this forum family friendly and referring to something trivial as AIDS is an insult to people who actually have AIDS. There are a multitude of other words to choose from, if it’s not too much trouble I would appreciate it if you could that for me.

Thank you! :monster:


Hmmm. Seems unnecessarily complex. Some of these will obviously be better than others, and super deadly combined with certain. We definitely don’t need more of that.



Quantum Caira does this :stuck_out_tongue:

Cloak fields were deemed too toxic for various reasons. 'Tswhy they were taken out for Stage 2.

I see no reason to muddle the picking/counterpicking process with something as monumental and unpredictable as picking a different burst. Each individual character needs to have the same 4 abilities, even adaptations. That much needs to be predictable.

However, adaptations open the door for a certain character to have a different burst. Tech Sgt. Hank’s SB is vastly different from the others. I could definitely see future support adaptations getting damage bursts or fuel bursts or health amp bursts.


I agree it would be impossible to beat.

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Generally a cool idea, but the fuel burst is far to difficult to implement properly in an uncoordinated team. Because you don´t see their jp fuel levels…
And i rather want to see different bursts on different supports. Not everyone having the same dull ability.

But actually… they would indeed be aid´s.

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Actually fixed lol.


as long as noone with chemical burns feels offended at least. (or pc people that think those people should feel offended)


I love how they left “aids” but removed cancer lol.

As a person with a computer I now believe all people with aids should be offended by that because the mods basically said that cancer is worse than aids and that is judgemental unfair and should be censored.



People shoot this down because it was removed from Legacy but what if it was much shorter- like Lazarus’ cloak?


The amount of inappropriate humour in this thread is disgusting.