Multiple bugs found


Over my playtime I’ve experienced a few bugs.

  • After joining mid game as the moster, I evolved to Stage 2, but was assigning skill points as if I was stage 1 then went reaching stage 3 was assigning as if I hit Stage 2.
  • Our Assualt class went down while fighting the monster, possibly on Armory, and ending up incapped under the map unable to be revived. I was able to see his silhoute through the gorund and looked as if he was falling.
  • Game can get incredibly framy if certain skills are used at the same time. SPecifically Krakens Lightning bolt is a big issue.
  • My friend has the hunter pack unlock and went straight to Hyde, but while playing today he discovered Hyde was locked again and he only had access to parnell and Markov.


Btw, all these bugs were found while playing on PS4.


First bug has happend to me and my friend as well(on PC).


These are all known bugs, and TRS is looking into them- they’ve been reported multiple times before.

Haven’t heard of this one yet. :confused:


@SlabOMeat Well here are your elusive Ps4 bugs! I can personally testify to the framerate drops and occasional lockup.