Multiplayer Session Terminated / Lobby Full [logged]



When I’m duo-queuing and I’m the host, my buddy gets kicked when it searches for players. It says the party is full on his end. When I leave the queue and re invite him, it will say Multiplayer session terminated anywhere from 1 to 10 attempts at rejoining. I had him host, same thing happened to me.

PC 17:45, after the char selection hotfix

Group Dropping

I get this issue too with my gf. We play together on LAN.


Thanks guys were aware of the issue and working on this one. Thanks for the info.


Is this a NAT issue? Is there a port forwarding we could try/ work?


Something like this happened to me 5 minutes ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Happens to my party of 3/4 players a lot. And I mean A LOT. Kinda hurts! Hopefully it gets fixed before the massive influx of players dwindles down again. :wink:


Whenever I’m in a group, in about every other game when I start the search, it drops my party members and I can’t reinvite unless I stop the search. Very annoying


This is a problem for me as well. It keeps thinking the lobbies are full half the time, and other time it will just “lose connection”.


this is the most anoying bug/problem


masive times… fix it fast