Multiplayer Matchmaking


I’m, not sure if this can be answered yet, but I have a question about the matchmaking system.

I understand how the selection priority system works, and there will be a battle rank system in place too. My question is something else.

Will we be able to make games with our friends, such as, me and my buddy want to play a quick round. My 1 priority is assault, his is medic. We want to play on the same hunter team. Can this happen? does it work with 3, or even a full 4 person hunter team? What if there’s 4 of us and one wants to be a monster, and we need a medic player? Is the system set up for this?


You can group up to 4 people but none of them can be monster in regular ranked matches so I’m not sure how it decides who the monster player is as in if it just lets one guy keep being monster or keeps pulling in new monster players.

You can make a custom game that’s not ranked/matchmade with up to 5 people and can have a monster in the group obviously so that would be for a 100% friends game where it doesn’t matter as much.


If you group up for the matchmaking, you and your friends can only be hunters. You can trade hunter roles at the start of every game however you want.

The only way to play as a group and one of you be monster is if you play a custom game which we do not have many details on right now.

You can queue up with the matchmaking for any number of people (except 5 most likely, then you’d just do a custom). If you queue up by yourself you can be monster or any hunter, if you queue as a group you can be any hunter.


By beta time you’ll be able to have a party of five just play whatever mode you want, without going to custom game. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to play how they want.



Will definitely make it much more fun, bragging wise :smile:


So we can group up, in whatever class/monster, with however many people, and play all modes? Excellent!