Multiplayer, hunt mode only?


Just curious why I can only select hunt mode or evacuation for multiplayer matches. Is there something I have to unlock before the other modes open up?


i dont believe you have to unlock anything, you may be missing a option somewere maybe its like 2:30 am here so ill have to check if thats true or not tomrrow


Nah, it’s just that nest/rescue/defend do not have their own mode yet. They might add this option later, but for now, these three modes are exclusive to Evacuate.

Also, any new game mode ( and maps for that matter ) will be free for everyone, by the way, if they ever release new ones!


Hunt and Evacuation are the only modes for matchmaking in Evolve. You can play the other modes any time you want in Custom Multiplayer matches though.


Hanging out in Hunt queues has actually produced Rescue results in the past, on 3 different occasions for me, if that matters.
It didn’t seem like anything changed, or was altered. It seemed just like any Hunt mode queue, but the art became purple, and all the information changed to Rescue. It seemed really official, and when it opened the game, it was in fact a Rescue mission.

Might have been a bug, but it has happened three times, and I’m not mad about it at all. I enjoy Rescue. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are custom matches open to the public or you can only play with friends you invited,and others will be bots?


hopefully they will add something to skirmish to have theoption to do random matches of the other three modes


Yea I would like to see Nest, Rescue, and Defend get their own seperate matchmaking going on. I want to play Defend so badly but every time I play Evac with Pubs they rage quit at day 3-4 :cry:


Plot twist: I’ve gotten Defend twice, today!