Multiplayer Games you Loved that went R.I.P


I was having a trip down memory lane today thinking of some online multiplayer games I played which are no longer online.
So feel free to post any mp-online games you loved and cherised I am really curious to see what you guys had been playing apart from the well known huge success games :wink:
Some of my most beloved ones were :

  1. Battalion Arena
    EPIC turn based strategy game. Footage doesn’t make it justice 1v1 ranked matches were really fun but couldn’t find any.

  2. Exteel

  3. Battlefield Heroes
    I guess this is the only one you guys are more likely to be aware of its existence.

  4. Offensive Combat
    This one REAAAAALLLYYY HURT when it went down :frowning:
    My avatar is from this super fun , super ofenssive game … daaamn , in how many games do you get to teabag your victim once you get it down ?? Those Pawn moments were epic X-D


I’m missing Age of Empires Online. I really liked it and actually put a lot of money into it (before it became F2P).

No clue why nobody played it, I think it was a great game.

Fun fact: It was the game I invented the name “Sepiablitz” for :smile:


My ol’ childhood Windows machine didn’t even have internet.
So I played Rayman and fucked around in Paint and WordArt all day long.

I think my earliest multiplayer title was Minecraft… so yeah. Not much of an online gamer until then.

Rayman had a level editor in which I downloaded other people’s levels the moment I finally got internet though. I’m counting that as online multiplayer, screw it.


Landmark. Checked in a few months ago and its legitimately dead.
Not “Evolve is dead- only 200-300 people”- I am talking… 9 people.

Edit; check it.


Tribes: Ascend was dead for so long, then the patch hit and made sniping even worse :confused:


Command and conquer. The only really active ones I know about are some custom modded servers


Transformers War For Cybertron.

Still one of my, if not my favourite game.

Pity that the playerbase dwindled away to unplayable (and the hackers)


One of the best games I ever played ;_;
Blasting enemies as megatron was neat :ok_hand:


Armored Core 5 was a blast back in the day for the entire 2 months it had a population… :’(


Left 4 dead 1 :cry: my favorite game of all time and resident evil orc (died really quick)


I loved PlayStation Home. Fantastic social game.


Oh yeah, and Infinite Crisis, which doesn’t even exist anymore. Gg no re.


Well depending on how well this patch does and how much support it gets after i.e regular hunter/monster variants,new maps etc then i’d put Evolve in your category for me anyway


Aliens vs. Predator, idk if the servers still exist but if they do there is one other person perpetually looking for another player.


Metal gear online, from Metal gear solid 4 on Ps3.

So yeah, there’s a new one on MGSV buuuut it’s different mechanics and gameplay…


Inb4 some doomsayer says Evolve.

Seriously though, Nosgoth.

Man I loved that game. Then, all of the sudden, poof.
Servers get shut down, the game is officially dead.


Some doomsayer already did and daaaaaaaaaaaamnnn I didn’t know Nosgoth, it looks so much fun playing Vamps vs Hunters!!


It was really fun, shame it got shut down. Right after a major patch that introduced two new classes too.

I never got to play them.


I use to really like secret ponchos. 1v1 or 2v2 or free for all arcade style shooter. It’s officially dead unfortunatly. Only 1 player online last time I checked steam charts


[quote=“DarkThomy, post:15, topic:87305, full:true”]
Metal gear online, from Metal gear solid 4 on Ps3.

So yeah, there’s a new one on MGSV buuuut it’s different mechanics and gameplay…
[/quote]I’ll be fair on this, MGO2 wasn’t any better than 3, they were both pretty bad games in their own right.

As for me, even though I never managed to play it online. Outbreak. Damn, I tried so hard to get my PS2 online back then. but I lacked the means to be able to do so.