Multiplayer error "you must be signed in to the PSN......."


I purchased psn plus on my main account and is setup as my primary ps4 so other accounts signed into my ps4 can play multiplayer.
This is completely bugged!

I have to load the game up twice for it to work. Also after playing multiplayer, going back to main menu then trying to go back to multiplayer I get the error message again saying You must be signed into PSN using your Sony network account.

I am signed in, even my main is signed in even though Sony say the main account doesn’t need to be for multiplayer.

Sometimes it works sometimes it take 2 or 3 times of reloading the game to allow me to access multiplayer!


I have a psn plus account with ps4 activated as primary. Trying to play on my second account.

I load up the game and I can’t play multiplayer until I close that game down, log out, back in again and reload the game.

It never works first time, sometimes takes a lot more messing about to make it work.

It’s a bug!


I got that message today too, my connection was on! I restarted my playstation and then it worked


Your wrong! Don’t post if you dont know the facts

Go ask sony if you dont believe me, just read their support!

You CAN play multiplayer with a second account if your main has psn plus enabled and it is activated as your main ps4

And I’m playing multiplayer right now on 2nd account! It just takes a few reboots for it to work.


Of course I can read it. It show i am correct and you are wrong!

The idea of sharing multiplayer is so a family can play online without having to pay for multiple subs. Common Sense!


You’re right, I’m wrong. I already canceled my message before your answer to it noticing my big mistake, and I have got to thank you because I wasn’t aware of this feature. Please excuse me.

I know that some publishers choose to lock certain portions behind plus subscription anyway.


Yeah, only reason I’m using second account cause I accidentally activated the codes for evolve on wrong account. So can’t get skins or new monster etc. it’s a real pain now!


Yep I know, I started a topic on that issue alone, but no one seems to care, people here immediately pass the buck to 2K (2K is effectively the real one to blame), AND wash their hands not expressing their opinion, as if they were ok with it.
Remember that ALL future DLCs will be user-locked, I got a direct explanation from 2K support.

Thank you again for that mistake, I feel a giant douche. I don’t know how I missed something so big. I actually owe you money x’D

– I’ll delete my old messages to not give misleading informations to any other reader.


It appears this isn’t just an issue with second account, I’m having same problem playing multiplayer from the main account that has psn plus subscription.



It turned out to be a problem with BT Home Hub 3. So buying my own router instead of using bt supplied rubbish.