I’ve planned to purchase the digital deluxe edition of the game for the PS4 through PSN. As i am located in Germany, and therefor would purchase the game from the European/German PSN, one question raises:

Is the final game, as well as the beta, multilingual?
I prefer playing games in their non-synchronized way - as mostly the synchronisation is … well, not as competetive :smiley:

So, will it be possible to change the audio and screen text in the final product?


Well it was in the beta so I can’t imagine it not being in the full game. I bet @DamJess knows.


I don’t know for German, but the game is fully translated in French, Audios included.
BTW: I’m still debating between using english or french audios, as the english ones seem to me more convincing.


Just out of curiosity, is it something lost in translation that is bothersome?


Lost in regard of content, no. Lost in regard of authenticity, yeah somehow.
As Sijuvabien already pointed it right - it is just not “convincing” imho. I dunno if it is the selection of the actors or the general synchronization process.
Of course this is truly a subjective aspect, nevertheless the chatter and dialogs contribute to the whole atmosphere and are of importance for me.

That’s why i want to make sure i can use the english audios when purchasing the game from the German PSN. Otherwise i would prefer importing the UK disk version for instance.


the beta was already a multi language version.
in options menu you can select language for voices/audio and language for text. no restart required. some few seconds after selecting german text the ui switched to translated german version.
german translation is ‘almost’ perfect or lets say they use some words which we do not use on regular basis except we are from mars or work in google translater team :wink:


Although it is quite likely, i want to make sure by an official statement. :wink:


let me recap: u r insulting someone for his nationality, cause he is not happy/satisfied with YOUR non official oppinion. quite revealing in regard of your personality … wherever you r from.

I contacted 2k for an answer, thank you.

(read the op again btw, i dont want to use the game in “top of the foodchain” german, i want to use the english non synchronized text/audio)


Hello, well your post makes totally sense… Actually I’m portuguese and want to change the text language to english in the final game but I’m stuck with brazilian portuguese… Do you know how to do it?


Which version do you own? Digital or Disk?

Unfortunately i never got an answer from TRS or 2K on this topic - but im happy that it is possible for my Digital Deluxe to change the Audio/Text Language to English (thank god).


@Drolph I own the digital PS4 deluxe edition. You’re on PS4 too? Where do you change the text language?


Sorry man, my bad. Only possible to change audio here too. :frowning:

But as i have the system language set to English - the text is adapted to the system language.