Multi-Target Progression Question


I dont see an existing thread to ask such questions - if one exists can a mod please merge this in?

When mastering abilities, several of the later goals require you to damage multiple targets with a single use. What exactly does this entail?

  1. Does hitting incapacitated hunters in addition to normal ones also count as a target?
  2. Does hitting deployables such as mines or turrets also count as a target? What about for the goals that specify hitting “Hunters” specifically?
  3. If you hit more than 2 targets does it count for more than one instance or only one? (i.e. hit 3 hunters with flame breath)
  4. Kraken’s lightning seems to have trouble hitting more than one target, yet it has a multi-target goal; I have had the targeting ‘bubble’ on two canyon striders practically on top of each other, but only one was damaged. I know it is possible and have gotten some successes, but it seems unusually fickle since I tried it during the Alpha/Beta. Thoughts on this?


I don’t have 100% absolute certainty with my answers here, but I’ve observed enough to be fairly confident on how a few of these work.

  1. As long as you’re doing damage (which includes incap’d hunters) I believe they count as a target.

  2. Hitting objects may count (a bit unsure on this one) but I can pretty confidently say that it does not count as hitting a hunter.

  3. Each hit, regardless of how many you hit, I believe only counts as one instance of hitting multiple targets.

  4. Your best bet for hitting multiples on the lightning strike is probably going to be leveling it up to get the radius increase, most neutral monsters also tend to make an effort to not clump, making it a little bit more difficult “in the wild”.


1 - Incapped hunters count, yes. Daisy included.
2 - No, deployables do not count if the wording says ‘Hunters’. If it says ‘Targets’ you can use it on wildlife.
3 - No. Whether you hit 50 or 2 it still only counts ‘once’.
4 - Lightning strike isn’t too bad. Easiest way is to down a hunter and then use it when one gets close to ressing them. You’ll hit both for credit.

Note: I have all 3 Elite Skins for the monsters.


@MaddCow and @tylerr

Thank you both for your responses! I’d suspected these were the answers, but it’s difficult to actually test them so the confirmation is appreciated. I figured these were questions other people would probably ask at some point too, so it was relevant to ask and maybe include in a FAQ somewhere.



No problem!

If you’re super keen on getting your mastery done, you can also get credit in custom games, making it a little bit easier to finish off some of those pesky ones.