Multi-player against bots possible?


Me and my buddy both got this game yesterday and I’m wondering if were allowed to play together as hunters with 2 other hunters as computers up against a computer monster?


There is a co-op mode where you can invite friends and play against AI.I heard it was bugged tho and it could find a real player as a monster.But you can always try


We tried the coop players vs AI mode yesterday. 4 very new players versus AI monster.
It seemed like a real player was on the monster, not an AI. It was constantly on the healer,
or Hank. Always choosing to attack the character that was spamming heals, or shields
most effectively. When a character went down, the AI could not be distracted from the
downed player. Ever. Invisibility was ineffective, and it could not be kited away from
the downed person until they were completely downed.

So… That didn’t seem like an AI, seemed like we had a player on the monster,
with much more experience than a new hunter team that was having trouble
figuring out how to work together. We were playing the mode where the
power of the losing side was increased during each iteration to make
subsequent games more even.


If you are on PC the button is T
It shows names under each class.If the name under the monster is Monster then it means that’s AI.
Also AI Goliath is better than 80% of human players :slight_smile:

Those bots are teaching you the hard way :stuck_out_tongue:


What mode is that?



Not sure why everyone is talking about co-op mode. There is a Custom Game mode where you can invite friends and play however you want. So what you said should work, unless I’m really missing something.


ha ha ha… actually, it sounds like it was AI. On Co-op (or even solo) the monster will usually focus in on the medic/trapper. It’s the human controlled monsters that often don’t seem to get the value in this…


Last time I tried playing custom was bugged my friends and I couldn’t even launch the first round.


Yes, the Goliath AI was kind of insane for a group of very
new players in an uncoordinated pug. Strangely, our first
encounters (where we were “weakest”), were against
Kraken/Wraith. Those seemed easier, though we lost
the early rounds more decisively.

The last 3 of the 5 rounds, where our power as the losing
side was increased, were all against the Goliath. Even though
we lost against it every time, we did make more progress against
its armor/health. And by far, the Goliath presented battles that
were more dynamic, exciting, and fun. Even when it totally
destroyed our empowered, losing group!

So I’d say as far as AI goes, keep the Goliath smart and powerful.
It’s by far my favorite AI to face in solo mode. Same for PUG hunter
players vs. monster AI.