Muhammad Ali dead at 74


Legend. Best boxer ever.

So many famous people are commenting on his death and how great he was. Makes me even sadder :cry:



@SledgePainter Can I change my answer?

In all seriousness it’s sad to see him go, Legend indeed


Sad day here in his home town of Louisville, KY, for sure. We’ve got a museum and community center dedicated to him, already. He’s always been a huge icon in this town, and will be missed. My favorite quote of his, always makes me feel I can do anything:



An admirable man of conviction. He managed to avoid jail time for it, but he put his boxing career in jeopardy by taking a 3 year suspension to refuse fighting in Vietnam. RIP.


Loved him as a boxer but as a person I can’t say I liked the guy.


I admired his conviction in his beliefs and his faith. Rest in peace.


In truth he was probably dead a long time ago i mean he suffered with parkinsons for quite awhile which means your life is basically over then and there.Sad day indeed never the less and hopefully he rests in power!


I think Michael J. Fox would have to disagree with you there. That dude still lives a good life.