Mud Monster tips


I only have three trophies left, 12-Sided Die, Premade, and Mud Monster. The first two are simple enough( Elite T1-T3 Hunters and Do a game in Customs with four player controlled Hunters and an AI Monster), but I need help on Mud Monster. There have been plenty of times where I think I should’ve got it, but didn’t. Can anyone give any tips please?


Mud monster? I don’t think I’ve seen this one before. What is is?


Win a match while sneaking most of the time.


My advice? Sneak most of the match :wink: what do you play on? I’m like resident helper of achieving achievements. I guessing ps4 though. :confused:


Yeah I am on PS4. And that is what I do, sneak most of the match.


You ahould be able to get this one pretty naturally. You literally just need to sneak 51% of the match or more.

Sneak through the map evolving and kill them in one dome. Thats what I did.


I just got it. Used Kelder in solo Nest with the Second Monster map effect on. Now I only have Premade and 12-Sided Die left until I platinum the game!


Can this be closed now? I already got the trophy.