Moving topics notification doesn't update


So I don’t know if this is a known bug, or if it is even a bug at all, but when a mod moves/merges a topic that I was tracking, I get a notification that it was moved/merged. However, once I click on the notification, it doesn’t grey out like normal, and it stays ‘new’.
Again, is this a bug, or is it intended?


I’ve experienced this as well. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or meant to be a reminder.


I experience this pretty much every time I get one of these notifications. I don’t think it makes sense for it to be a reminder and not gray out, but that’s just me. :smile:


Yeah, right now I’m having the same issue .-.


To resolve this, at least from my experience, all you need to do is go through every post in the merged topic. Give that a shot.


one of them is the music topic, with like, a thousand posts :joy:

EDIT: just tried it by scrolling all the way through, didn’t work though :frowning:


Well, that sucks.


Well, I got nothing more for ya. Might just have to wait it out.


Was planning on doing that. Luckily, the notifications eventually sink to the bottom of the list, so I won’t notice them any more :grin: