Movies 2015


I wanted to know which movie are you looking forward in 2015 Mine is Avengers age of ultron


The fact that there are no more Hobbit movies coming out :stuck_out_tongue:


Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens


Jurassic World
Avengers 2
Nuff said


Mockingjay Part 2, love the Hunger Games :slight_smile:


It would be funny if that was the actually title. You will learn to LOVE the HUNGER GAMES!


Hunger Games 4, Love Us or be Forced to play in the Hunger Games
Remember to Love Us
Or Else


In The Heart of The Sea looks interesting.


Jurassic World
Star Wars VII
Jupiter Ascending

All of these movies I am looking forward to watching at home in a new home theater. =D


Jurassic World
Star Wars
Terminator: Genisys (Jesus Christ do something good with Terminator PLEASE)
Mad Max
In The Heart of The Sea
Jupiter Ascending
James Bond Specter (Maybe)


Avengers: age of Ultron. Minions movie(the minions from despicable me). Star wars


The Synopsis alone makes my stomach churn.


Jurassic worrld, if they do it right, its going to be awesome !


I just hope they scraped the early concept art revealed a while ago. The Hybrid looked retarded.


I know… There doesn’t seem to be much promise lol… I’ll probably see it anyway…


They did, the human-hybrid was removed, it looks more like a dinosaur now.


Pics or confirmation?


Trailer. ddddd


It doesn’t show the head. If they aren’t showing the head it’s because they are saving that as a shock/surprise reveal. No need to do that if it’s a Dinosaur.


I am quite curious as well, but there is a playmobile toy on the D.Rex, it looks like a white t-rex with spikes on its back, i believe.