Movie Trailers


Here’s a place to put all your movie trailers that might not deserve a thread of their own!


Well he said he’d be back


The synopsis on this movie is complete crap :stuck_out_tongue: Spoilers Obv. Basically, Sarah Conner was raised by the terminator. The CGI effects on the T1000 look like poo as well. :frowning: I’m sad.


Did you like Terminator Salvation?


Khaleesi! Let us, the mighty Unsuilled, dispose of this so called Terminator.


I liked the concept of it, but I thought Christian Bale was acting/sounding too much like Batman. He didn’t do his part very well. I kind of liked the twist, I thought that was cool. Ironsides was hilarious to watch. The Reese arc was… interesting.




Mad Max looks so gloriously twisted and brutal. I can’t wait. Mad Max, Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome are some of my favorite movies.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Dyin’ time’s here.”


Inside Out looks fun.


Did you catch that all 5 of the ‘things’ inside their heads are actually related. There is the large red species, the nerdy purple guy etc… So it’s basically a family dispute inside a family dispute :stuck_out_tongue: I like the concept, it will be interesting to see what the main story is. Maybe some of them jump ship and try to go to another person’s head, or some of them get lost and that person isn’t working right as a result.


To be honest it´s no masterpiece, but since it´s made in Austria I want to promote it anyways ;p


I’m still hoping that Harbinger Down is going to go well. It was a practical special effects kickstarter project. They had a trailer released midway through this year. Has a few notable cast members, most notably Lance Henrickson. (Bishop and Weyland in AvP)