Movement Speed vs Stamina increase perk


So, I have read somewhere that Movement Speed is better than Stamina increase because:

  1. You run faster
  2. You cover more distance with your stamina ability

But is this true? For example from A to B its X meters, Player A uses Movement Speed, Player B uses Stamina increase. Will Player A reach B faster than Player B?

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That’s interesting, I don’t think I had heard that regarding move speed and traversal ability distance. Definitely worth some testing.

The biggest advantage to move speed, to me at least, is that it helps to offset sneaking speed.


Movement speed does not affect the distance of traversal just the regular movement speed.


I know for 100% that the strider speed buff gives traversal extra speed as well. No idea for the starter one though.

IMO traversal is pretty useless on anything but a wraith, Goliath’s leap isn’t that great for escape and Kraken’s is even worse. Goliath’s is more for gaining altitude and Kraken is for just staying in the air.


This is where I have read it: Monster Guide

Just below “Part Six: Gamemodes”

"Monster Perks:

Movement Speed will always help you. In case you are curious, it does
affect your traversal ability speed, which allows you to cross even
greater distances even more quickly."

I hope someone can back up this statement.


Someone test this.


Oh, it was MacMan himself who told me this. It can be noted more easily with Kraken’s hovering, since the Leap and Warp are considerably fast for comparisons.


You on pc? Lets test this. I think we will need three people to do this, one at a and maggie with a harpoon at b to see how fast you move.


Increased stealth speed is a big plus


For goliath faster ability recharge is really good for charge and jump smash to help getting away.


Traversal buff is really useful with Goliath when evading in a dome when you don’t really want to be fighting and also it’s not bad for evading the Tranc dart as you don’t slow down in the air when leaping. Good for escaping only, speed is a far better choice though…Goliath only


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On topic though, traversal on Goliath is godly against slow heavy hunters, but since its a blind pick, Speed is always a safe bet. Although i prefer Feed, it keeps me moving so the speed at which i move doesnt make a difference