Movement Speed Not Effecting Krakens Flight Speed


Just took all 3 Movement Speed Perks on normal Kraken and it was only effecting his ground movement speed, is this intended or a bug?


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What haha?


It’s not a bug. This is intentional.


Ok thanks.
I wonder why they did that


Movement speed perks/buffs only affect “walking”. They do not affect traversals. Kraken’s flying is his traversal.

I tried the same thing before finding this out. I, like you, was trying to find a way to make him fly faster.


[quote=“IronThor, post:6, topic:99700”]
I, like you, was trying to find a way to make him fly faster.
[/quote]Not like he really needs it, though. He’s already got some of the best combat mobility in the entire game, that doesn’t need to be made any better.


True, but some players try speed up his flight because they find escaping with him difficult. Which is understandable, since he’s the only monster who needs to retreat while using his abilities to burn jetpack fuel for the hunters. The rest just up and leave.


If this is the fact, that means if Kraken wants to use feeding perk, the speed came with the perk is always wasted.


This is true.


Then I feel bad for the Kraken, I have always used the feeding perk on him.