Movement Speed Counters Stasis?


Is the movement speed character perk supposed to reduce the amount you’re slowed by stasis? We tried this out in a custom game and if you take the perk you can still move considerably fast, just curious if this was intended.



this does not seem right


Well with the increased maximum velocity granted by the movement speed perk, a debuff to speed would be a tad less noticeable, but, what appears to be happening is that the stasis is applying the % speed debuff correlated with base movement speed instead of the buffed movement speed, thus it renders stasis much less noticeable.
Same thing happens with the movement speed buff.


It should not slow you as much as it used to, but it should still slow you by said percentage. It doesn’t seem to be doing so here.


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We tested it more, it does slow to the point to where its noticeable, but not to slow for the monster to be affected in combat drastically like it should.


@macman Thoughts?


So basically, it’s working as intended? Movement speed is picked by monsters, to obtain mobility. If you’re getting fair mobility, is there something wrong?

I don’t play monster btw, I play Assault.


We don’t know if this is intended or not though. And its practically like the monster isn’t bothered my stasis cc anymore so I think this should be addressed.

Edit: So pretty much all stasis cc is ineffective if a monster takes movement speed. So crow an Abe are useless in that situation :stuck_out_tongue: .


If he’s not getting base movement speed deduction, it needs changed.

Say a bola shot slows you by 30%. Are you still getting slowed by 30% on top of the 25% movement speed buff? So you only move 5% slower than a normal monster without movement speed would move? If that’s what’s happening here, I believe it’s fine.

If you’re not getting an equal speed to slow rate, that’s a bug that needs changed.


Exactly, hopefully @macman can shed some light on this.


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We’ll look into this.


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We’ll look into this.

Technical speak for “huh, that’s not supposed to do that.”

My guess would be Quirkly is pretty close with his assumption, have you tried it with other slows to make sure its occurring with slows, and not stasis grenades specifically?


The same thing happened with crow I can confirm. We also tested it on wraith an the result was the same.


What is the % it is supposed to reduce?

Number crunch:

100% Movement + 25% perk = 125% - 25% Stasis = 95% Movement give or take

100% Movement - 25% stasis = 75% + 25% Status = 100% Movement

So the difference is 5%. Compared to how it would be without movement perk, its quite fast either way. So it will be noticeable having it no matter which way it calculates. Again though, I don’t know what Abe’s nads are supposed to do as far as speed reduction goes.