Movement glitch or bug or something weird


I have a glitch or bug or something in the game, while I’m playing (it doesn’t matter who or what it is) my movement will sort of lag I guess. Here is a detailed description. I just did a training match after verifying my game cache and nothing happening, and then reinstalling the game over night. In this training match I decided I would try out Behemoth. As soon as I start moving, I use my traversal (for those who don’t know, it’s rolling) and it uses up the entire traversal bar without me being able to stop it because of this lag issue. The same thing happens with jetpacks on the hunters, sometime I will just fly up and use all my energy because of this issue. It makes the game unplayable and I really enjoy playing this game so I would appreciate if there was a fix anyone knew about or if the developers could work on it. This issue also includes backing into walls or moving forward without me wanting too, just anything movement related get dragged out I guess, usually for about 10 seconds. I have checked my internet and computer and there is nothing wrong there, either, so I have no idea.