Mouse settings for the PC technical test


Before we play tomorrow… I would like to know ahead of time where in the files can I turn off any mouse modifications. (IE. Mouse smoothing, frame smoothing, ect. All bad things for a competitive FPS) and would using Crysis 3 be a good example to use on this site to get proper numbers between games? (Warning, not adblocker friendly… have to disable adblocker for the e site.)


There is no mouse smoothing, no mouse acceleration. Some people have reported problems in the past but it was related to mouse software or specific mice.


I remember seeing in the Big Alpha forum section that people had to disable the mouse smoothing via editing the game file .ini .

Do you know if the multiplier for Evolve uses the same sensitivity calculations as Source Engine, or Cryengine (IE. Crysis 3)? So a sensitivity of 6 in TF2 won’t be the same as a sensitivity of 6 in Evolve.


I’m sure it’s different than source. Might be the same as Crysis though.

If someone finds mouse smoothing in an ini file anywhere, let me know.


What about frame smoothing? I know I felt some kind of mouse modification when playing Evolve.


I have asked the engineers a bunch of times and looked at all the cvars I could find. Everything is set to zero. So again, if you see anything, let me know because our intent is that all that stuff is off. We don’t even have options to turn it on.