Mouse not working after Using a controller (PC)


I was playing monster with a controller for the first time, then after the game, I unplugged it. It is only in the post game menu that this happened.

Remember the elusive cursor bug? This removed the cursor entirely. I could not click on any buttons. This left me to wait for the timer, then all was good.

This bug persisted into the next game, in the same place. ( i did not plug in the controller during that time).

I also tried to plug it back in, and there was no change to the interface.

I restarted the client to see if it was repeatable, and it was.

This is a minor, edge case bug. Thought i should report it anyway.

Cheers, devs :smile:


Shh! If you say that you used a controller on PC voluntarily someone’s going to murder you…

Paging @MajorLeeHyper. Seems like your area of expertise?


I think I know the 16 people you are talking about…