Mouse bug?


Sometimes when i play evolve my mouse is in the middle of the screen (in-game) and works perfectly in the lobby, sometimes it is not there in-game (which is better) but then i don’t have it in the menu anymore!
Someone please help it is realy annoying :rage:


if you open and close steam overlay eventually it’ll disappear.


This hasn’t worked for most people, it would seem from the replies. Just a select few.


It’s worked for me.


I get this problem sometimes and nothing short of a relaunch has fixed it. Quite annoying.


I lose my mouse in the menus. Is this a related problem? Makes it kind of hard to get through menus.


Yeah either way if your mouse is constantly visible or constantly invisible just open/close steam overlay or alt+tab out and into the game. This works 100% for me. Of course it’s a bug, but it’s been reported so much everywhere I doubt they do not know about it.