Mouse alt tabbing me out of the game


When playing Evolve in game in windowed, border less windowed or full screen the mouse appears on my other monitors. I have 2 either side of my main monitor and when in game i try and look left or right and click it alt tabs me out. It’s as if the windows mouse behind the game is dominating over the in game mouse/look.

So basically it’s unplayable for me. I’ve tried all settings, restarted the pc, disabled things in windows and even removed my mouse utilities (razer synapses). Nothing more annoying that trying to do a 180 degree turn to heal or help a teammate to only be loading up something in windows instead.

I can’t seem to find anyone else with this problem on the forums which is a bit worrying, for me at least.


I kinda have the same issue? idk :slight_smile: i play on a 800x600 screen and when i move around to fast my mouse goes out of the window and when i shoot or attack at that point im oppening something haha.


I’m having it too in borderless window. I find it sometimes doesn’t happen at all, other times it happens once and then starts happening more and more. But switching to fullscreen seems to have fixed it for me.