As I’m typing this I am letting a bot run around for me in Evolve, not a hacker bot or anything, just a plain normal AI bot. Why? Because my motivation to enjoy this game is gone.

My motivation to get better at the game is gone.

My motivation to want to play as Hunters has been long gone.

And now my motivation to want/enjoy playing as the monster is gone.

That’s three strikes and in the game three strikes and your dead, well Evolve is dead to me now.

The list of issues/complaints is staggering for this game and is too much to dig through to even try and find a good point anymore. It’s not even clear if the Devs are really looking at the real problems or if they have become focused on too many of the little issues but that’s for other to figure out.

As for me, well I might check out the next title update…maybe but until then I’m…I’m just done. I can’t deal with the stress or frustration that this game gives me anymore.


With you there but ill be done if behemoth doesnt get his freezing fixed. Anyway in all honesty i hope they focus on doing other thing than listening to most of the small things or how balanced things are in tournaments


Just take a break man. Come back after the next big title update. Hopefully things will be smoother.


We are sad that you feel unmotivated to continue your adventures in the world of shear. Take a break and try it again down the road and hopefully it will work out better. However, we have noticed that a lot of these kind of ‘goodbye’ threads turn into attacks against one or another and as such we close them to prevent that from happening. We hope to see you again, and if not, we are glad you enjoyed Shear while you did :slight_smile: